Our training facilities or on-site training are of highest caliber. We offer economy, private and executive classes. Our instructors use the most current training aids and firearms to further improve or develop your skills. For those who want the best, we offer elite grade firearms to enhance your experience. We have programs featuring SIRT, laser ammo training, Wax bullets, and awareness training.

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We Offer NRA Basic Pistol Classes (Required for CT and many other states Carry permits), NRA Home Firearm Safety Courses (required for MA and other states Carry permits), NRA Basic Rifle, NRA Basic Shotgun, Improving Pistol Techniques, Improving Rifle Techniques, and Improving Shotgun Techniques, and our all new 3 Gun Prep Challenge Course.

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Here you will find access to free resources for shooting enthusiasts. We Have our own Custom printable targets available for free download. Improve your shooting accuracy with our informative Targets for left or right handed shooters. Tutorial videos are Coming soon. This is also where can go to reach our blog for tips, tricks, Reviews, & Tutorials. Helpful videos are Coming soon.

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providing world class training in enjoyable atmosphere

Our classroom portions have a strict no live ammunition rule. Safety and teaching safety are our two highest priorities.
On-Site Available
For the non-range portions of our courses, we can come to you! We teach large groups or private lessons. Have a gun club? We can help you put on a weekend workshop and raise funds for your club at the same time! more info
NRA Courses
Our Instructors are NRA certified to teach you the standardized courses from the NRA as needed for most states carry permits/licenses.
Quality Equipment
For our classes we use only the best and most advanced training aids. Our firearms are safe and reliable. For our private and executive packages we offer high quality firearms in a variety of calibers.

learning shooting safetyand efficiency in one place

Unlike other courses we don't focus just on minimum class requirements. We fulfill the requirements then go above and beyond with training using the most advanced training systems available to build and improve overall shooting performance. Training with us ensures not only state requirement classes, but makes you a better shooter as well.

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Training with Top Brass was so convenient. After I answered a few simple questions, they told me I could have a class in my living room. I got the whole family to take the class! And we learned a lot too.
- Jeff W. West Hartford, CT
Torrington, CT860 605-8004